Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone
Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone

As you probably know, this is a very popular category in the App Store.Sure, Apple’s has a built-in weather app, which is really great, but we all have different ideas when it comes to choosing weather app. Some people like simplicity, while other more complex weather apps. Many people want to know what the weather will be like for up to 15 days because they want to visit their friends or family members, maybe they want to plan a trip or something. We have all witnessed how weather can be completely unpredictable, now we have hot days in February and snow in April. So it is really hard to plan your vacation. So, we have made a list of top 10 weather apps for iPhone in 2017, but which one is right for you?

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone In 2017

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – Met Office Weather

10Met Office Weather

The Met Office provides a wide range of weather forecast, 7-day forecast for location all around the world, and the best thing is that this app is free. New updated also includes hourly forecasts for next three days, and a ‘feels like’ temperature.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – AccuWeather


This app gives you all information you need, 15-day forecast, hourly forecast, humidity level, wind speed, cloud cover, pressure and so on. Also, the app has “RealFeel” temperatures, which calculates the effects of temperature, wind, humidity, sunshine intensity, and elevation on the human body. You also get a clear summary of what the weather is like right now.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – BBC Weather

8BBC Weather

This app is really for those who like simple weather apps, and it is extremely easy to use. The features of this app are basic, 10-day forecast, wind speed, and direction, predominant weather for the day you choose. But this app also has a pollution read out, along with its UV and pollen counts.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – Yahoo Weather

7Yahoo Weather

This app actually won an Apple Design Award 2013, the background of this app is a beautiful photograph of your location taken from Flickr. Same as previous apps this app has it all, 10-day forecast, hourly forecast, “FeelsLike” temperature, humidity, visibility, and UV.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – MeteoEarth


This app is for those who like more complex and spectacular apps. MeteoEarth is the revolutionary new weather app from MeteoGrup. With this app you can navigate the 3D globe at the touch of a button, you can then swipe along a timeline to see how thing will change in future. Choose and combine multiple weather layers to display cloud cover, precipitation, the wind, pressure and so on. You can even track hurricanes and typhoons!

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – Haze


If you are looking for an app, which is simple, easy to use and it delivers accurate weather information, then this is the app for you. The app uses animations and an audio-visual interface to present weather forecast. The app includes a 5-day forecast, UV, cloud coverage, the wind, pressure, sunshine hours and so on.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – Dark Sky

4Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the most interesting apps in the App store. It delivers to you down –to- the -minute forecast, and instead of a map, Dark Sky lets you scan the globe and find the most intense weather sports. This app uses state-of – the – art technology, so that is why it can easily predict when it will rain or snow, down to the minute. And the interface of Dark Sky is stunning.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – AccuWeather Platinum

3AccuWeather Platinum

If you are traveling a lot, and need minute-by- minute precipitation forecast, then this app is perfect for you. This app has an animated representation of what is going on outside, also warnings or advisories on top of the screen. It also contains usual features like cloud coverage, the phase of the moon, pressure and so on.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – Weather Nerd

2Weather Nerd

This is really the ultimate weather app, which is similar to other apps out there like Beweather2 and Dark Sky. The interface of this app is really smooth, backgrounds are colorful and represent the current weather conditions, and the screens are packed with information. Along with other basic features, this app also has animated icons to show wind on the line graph.

Top 10 Weather Apps For iPhone – BeWeather 2

1BeWeather 2

There is actually little difference between Beweather 2 and Weather Nerd, so if you like more graphs and want predictions for upcoming months than Weather Nerd is for you. However, if you are looking for an app that is easy to use and is incredibly informative then we would recommend the BeWeather 2. Along with basic features (Humidity, Visibility, UV, Radar, Weather Alerts and so on), you can also select fonts and the weather image diagrams, and all important weather details are on the first page.



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