Valuable Teams In The World
Valuable Teams In The World

For the owners of sports brands, there is no space for compassion and emotions they are mostly concerned about how much money they can get from their sports brands.Over the last couple of years, sport has changed a lot, nowadays there is more money and marketing involved. Today players earn over $20 million per season, which was unimaginable 15 or 20 years ago.
For the first time in four years, Real Madrid is not the most valuable professional sports team. The list is dominated by soccer sports brands, but however, they are not among the top three most valuable sports brands. Take a look at our top 10 most valuable teams in the world of 2016 season.

Top 10 Most Valuable Teams Of 2016 Season

Valuable Teams In The World La Dodgers

La Dodgers

The Dodgers, who have won six World Series titles and 21 National League pennants are on number 10.

They were established in 1883 in Brooklyn, New York, but in 1958 the team moved to Los Angeles. They also have a loyal fanbase, because they were the first MLB team to attract more than 3 million fans in a single season (1978). According to Forbes, the current brand value is $406 million.

Valuable Teams In The World Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

FC Bayern is the most successful club in German football history, having won a record 26 national titles and 18 national cups.

They are also 5 times UEFA Champion League winners, and they have won one UEFA CUP. Current brand value $425 million.

Valuable Teams In The World New England Patriots

New England Patriots

The Patriots have appeared in the Super Bowl eight times in their history, six of them since the arrival of Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady in 2000.

They have become one of the most successful teams in NFL history, winning twelve AFC East titles in 14 seasons since 2001. Current brand values $431 million.

Valuable Teams In The World New York Knicks

New York Knicks

Along with the Boston Celtics, the Knick are one of only two original NBA teams still located in its original city. The Knick were successful during their early years, they made three consecutive appearances in the NBA Finals, all of which were lost.

The club has won only 2 championships with the head coach Red Holzman, back in 1970 and 1973. But still, they are one of the most valuable NBA teams with a current value of $447 dollars.

Valuable Teams In The World Manchester United

Manchester United

The Red Devils, have won a record 20 League Titles and 12 Fa Cups, four League Cups, 21 Fa Community Shields and three European Cups, and that makes them one of the most successful English football teams.

Also, they are one of the most widely supported football team in the world. Current brand values $500 million.

Valuable Teams In The World Barcelona


The club was founded in 1899 by a group of Swiss, English, and Catalan footballers, and since then the club has become a symbol of Catalan culture.

Domestically, Barca has won 24 LA Liga, 28 Copa Del Rey, 12 Supercopa de Espana, 3 Copa Eva Duarte and 2 Copa de la Liga trophies. In Europe, they have won five UFEA Champions League titles, a record for UEFA Cup Winners` Cup. Current brand value $509 million.

Valuable Teams In The World Real Madrid

Real Madrid

The club is one of three founding members of the Primera Division and the club that has never been relegated from the top division.

Real is the most successful football club in the world, winning over 32 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey, 9 Supercopa de Espana, and 11 European Cup/Uefa Champions Leagues titles. Real was recognized as the FIFA club of the 20th century and named best European Club of the 20th century by the IFFHS. Current brand values $521.3

Valuable Teams In The World La Lakers

La Lakers

The Lakers are one of the most successful teams in the history of the NBA and have won 16 NBA championships, their last being in 2010.

As of 2010, the Lakers have the most popular team merchandise among all NBA teams, and Bryant the most popular jersey. Current brand values 546 million.

Valuable Teams In The World Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960, and since then they have won five Super Bowls out of eight.

The club shares the record for most Super Bowl appearances with the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, and the Denver Broncos. The Cowboys are the only NFL team to record 20 straight winning seasons (1966-85). Current brand value $577 million.

Valuable Teams In The World New York Yankees

New York Yankees

The club is owned by Yankee Global Enterprises, an LLC controlled by the family of the late George Steinbrenner, who bought the team in 1973. The Yankees are considered to be one of the most successful sports clubs in the world, and they have won 18 division titles, 40 AL pennants, and 27 World Series championships.

44 players and 11 Yankees managers have been introducing to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Current brand value $660 million.



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